Frequently Asked Questions

Most, if not all, conventional additives are straight-up petroleum-based with very few "active" ingredients. Total Power’s fuel additives are 100% synthetic, 100% biodegradable and 100% active. Our products are completely different in formulation and in results. They contain no hazardous materials. TPx will disperse water, reduce emissions, gently clean fuel systems, add lubricity, boost Cetane and reduce fuel usage in a single, highly-concentrated and cost-effective product.

Total Power fuel enhancers oxygenate fuel in order to help combustion be more complete and on-time. In high altitude environments, oxygen is very scarce and our products become even more important in order to keep fuel burning correctly and in the cylinder—not in the exhaust—which will lower EGT’s.

Total Power products slightly increase the flash point of fuel by lowering the volatility or evaporation rate of fuel. This makes your fuel safer to store and use without risking fire or contamination.

Yes! One very important aspect of fuel is lubricity. With the move to low sulfur fuels, lubricity has been lost in fuel and therefore requires a fuel additive. Total Power products safeguard and maintain equipment by increasing lubricity.

Total Power products disperse water that is commonly found in fuels. TPx is not a biocide per se, but adding TPx to your fuel will prevent any bacteria from growing. Bacteria and algae require water to grow, so by dispersing the water, we prevent and inhibit bacterial growth.

Total Power fuel enhancers will disperse water suspended in diesel or heavy fuel oil. Water that has precipitated to the bottom of your tanks should be purged.

Total Power products can extend the shelf life of fuel like diesel up to 300%, but it also depends on storage conditions since diesel breaks down due to temperature, humidity, and evaporation. Many boat owners add TPx to their fuel before and after their vessels are stored.

No. Total Power products do not lower sulfur levels. That is only done in the refineries. But they do inhibit the transition of sulfur and SO2 into SO3. This inhibits the transition to H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) which can be measured and verified using emission analyzers.

Yes! In diesel burning equipment, significant reduction in particulate matter and opacity can be seen and measured. In heavy fuel oil burning equipment, ash will be reduced over conventional magnesium oxide treatments to 1/100th of what it was.

Total Power products have been tested in B20 blends with fantastic results. Bio-fuels decompose faster than conventional diesel therefore there is an even greater need to stabilize the fuel. TPx is the ideal stabilizer for bio-fuels. TPx additives disperse water and bio-diesel has a tendency to attract more water than regular diesel.

Total Power products do not have an expiration date per se, but we recommend a maximum shelf life of 2 years.

Total Power products will generate results immediately. Combustion improvements are instantly noticeable and measurable. Our detergency will also show results quickly, but in order to not “flush” deposits and cause harm, we are confident that within a few tank fills the entire fuel system will be rejuvenated.

Our products are 100% compatible with all common fuels and are made to meet and exceed all specifications and recommendations made by engine manufacturers worldwide.

Total Power, Inc. has done and continues to do extensive laboratory testing in the US and worldwide. We have verified laboratory tests that assure compatibility with all fuels and that TPx does not alter fuel specifications.

Of course! Total Power products will provide a more complete combustion and slightly cooler combustion requiring less maintenance on SCR systems.

Absolutely! By using Total Power fuel enhancers, less soot will be generated during combustion which will in turn keep the DPF (diesel particulate filter) systems cleaner for longer periods of time. Our products do not contain anything which will harm or hinder their operation.

Of course! Be sure to use the right product to treat the fuel you’re using. TPx is for gasoline and TPx HD is for diesel.

Technical Questions

Yes. TPx freezes at -75°C, which lowers the overall freezing point between 1 and 2°C. Also, TPx disperses water suspended in fuel into very small molecules, which minimizes filter obstructions by frozen water.
Yes, TPx prevents gum formation by stabilizing the fuel. Gums are insoluble solids formed by the oxidation of some hydrocarbons in the fuel which stick to the metal surfaces along the vehicle-fuel system, from the tank to the combustion chamber. Accumulation of these products can cause engine wear and can have adverse effects on engine efficiency, performance, emission, and durability.
No, TPx does not contain any alcohols. Our chemistry is based on ethers, which are the preferred 'ingredients' when it comes to fuel oxygenation. (Worldwide Fuel Charter 2013)

How To Use

We recommend using 1 part fuel enhancer to 1000-2000 parts fuel in order to generate benefits above and beyond the cost of our product for most engines.

Total Power products are safe to use and will never damage equipment even at stronger concentrations, but we recommend not exceeding a treatment rate of 1:1000 or 0.1% of your fuel because, after exceeding that treatment rate, the cost of our product may be greater than the fuel savings.

Total Power products usually should be added at the earliest point possible to your fuel system. TPx will disperse and remain suspended evenly in the fuel. It will not be eliminated by filtering systems nor will it settle out if the fuel is not moving. Large storage tanks are prone to have algae, fuel stability problems, and even sludge deposits. The more we can clean your fuel system, the more benefits you receive. We recommend using fully automatic pump systems that will keep an appropriate treatment ratio and deliver a systematic approach to reducing fuel consumption, eliminating unnecessary maintenance, and reducing emissions.

Where and How to Buy

Total Power, Inc. currently distributes in 25 countries including, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. We have distribution centers in many countries and offer JIT —just in time—services for many transnational clients and clients who require on-demand product for remote locations. We utilize a variety of shipping methods including ground, sea and air. Our logistics department can assist you with providing the most expeditious and/or efficient method.

Total Power products are globally available. Please contact us! For retail sales, please visit addtpx.com or amazon.com

The Total Power Eco-Friendly Certified Seal is to recognize our products ability to help companies take a step above and beyond their routine operations and without any cost or harm, operate in an eco-friendly manner. Our products are 100% biodegradable, are not made from a food source, and will reduce fuel consumption and toxic emission output by a substantial amount. By using our eco-friendly product, companies will prevent thousands of pounds of CO2, carbon monoxide, acid rain, and particulate matter from ever hitting our atmosphere.