Strategic Solutions for Modern Mining


TPx All-In-One fuel additive

24+ Years of Experience in Mining

Total Power's core experience lies in strategic fuel solutions for open-pit and underground mining applications. All three of our products TPx, FMx, and PSx have developed in and around mining.

CAT 797F Haul Trucks Treated With TPx HD Obtain World Record in Peru!

Part of every mining operation’s Best Practices should be to include TPx fuel additives with their diesel fuel. Recently, two large mines in Peru, that have been treating their 400 Ton diesel-fueled trucks for 6 years with TPx HD, earned the WORLDWIDE record for availability.

FMx Fuel Management Systems Control the #1 Cost in Mining!

FMx Fuel Managment Systems are SCADA based haardware and software package for the tracking of fuel and lubricant receipts, dispensing, and inventories.

PSx PitStop Transportable Fuel Stations are Engineered to Support Mining

PitStop stations provide flexibility and efficiency for haulage fleet refueling by reducing empty travel time to traditional fixed fuel sites.

Fast, multi-lane refueling improves equipment servicing time & heavy-duty construction allows for all-weather operations. PitStops are modular, therefore are able to grow with the future needs of your mining operation.