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Mining Fuel Management and Savings

Highly accurate, paperless data capture of all fueling transactions makes for seamless condition-based decision making. By removing human error and providing clear reports, maintenance supervisors can fine tune equipment maintenance based on trends rather than time. Furthermore, FMx prevents unauthorized fueling, so fuel doesn’t disappear when no one is watching.

Our facilities management and maintenance services are supported by a global help desk servicing from Africa to the Americas and staffed by specialists who can solve issues on the spot. The Help Desk also proactively monitors the health of your system, alerting you to issues before you even see them on the ground.

FMx Architecture

FMx Information Systems

RFID Identification

Long-range RFID identification of system (heavy equipment) users permits detailed accounting of all fuel and lube transactions to the specified user. RFID outshines optical or GPS technology in dirty or underground environments by not depending on satellites or clear line of view.

Data Back-Fill

Data back-fill technology means your data is never lost. If the wireless connection is disrupted for any number of reasons, each site acts autonomously in order to keep capturing data, and when able to, will back-fill all the data that was not transmitted. At no time will you lose data with FMx.

Accurate Metering

Accurately measuring flow rates and tank levels is of the up-most importance. FMx includes industrial flow meters with 99.5% accuracy. Our flow meters are intrinsically safe and designed to be used in the most extreme environments.

Event-Driven Protocol

Using an event-driven protocol allows for minimal bandwidth consumption. Only when a change is detected, do our SCADA packs transmit data. We can also program data transmission during operating breaks much like shift changes. FMx is designed to have a small footprint both in real estate and in bandwidth.

Integrity of Information

The FMx fuel management system measures all hydrocarbon flows (fuel, lubricants, coolants and greases) and provides seamless integration to the mining enterprise system to provide critical information to management as well as field operations.

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