Certified Eco-Friendly

Health and Environment

certified eco-friendly fuel additives

TPx lowers PM, CO, NOx

Total Power’s Fully Synthetic Additive will Dramatically Reduce Emissions Released from Burning Fossil Fuels. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we are confronting. The overwhelming majority of emissions come from burning fossil fuels. Climate change is already manifest in weather changes and acid rain. Transportation disproportionately relies on fossil fuels. Humans release nearly 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually. The amount varies from nation to nation, but that averages about 5.5 tons per person.

Certified Eco-Friendly

TPx outperforms ALL the competition both in quality and results. Our products are:

  1. 100% biodegradable
  2. Non-flammable

Our fully synthetic fuel additives are designed to reduce your carbon footprint.

Greater Sustainability

TPx works with bio-fuels, and will improve bio-fuel combustions. One downside to bio fuel is that it attracts water. TPx eliminates the problems associated with water in fuel by making water “invisible” to bacteria so bio-diesel fuels do not cause fouling from gums and varnishes. Clean-Burning Fuel Lasts Longer.

TPx fuel additives integrate seamlessly into your fuel to provide lower carbon monoxide (CO) and less particulate matter (PM) and emissions are reduced by 20% – 55%. Our products are safe and easy to use plus clean fuel lasts longer.

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