Certified Eco-Friendly

Health and Environment

certified eco-friendly fuel additives

TPx Lowers PM, CO, NOx

Total Power’s Fully Synthetic Additive will dramatically reduce emissions released from burning fossil fuels. Most agree that climate change from global warming is attributed to human influence. The overwhelming increase of greenhouse gasses such as CO2 and NOx come from burning fossil fuels.

Treating any fuel such as gasoline (petrol), diesel, or heavy fuel oil, with TPx will reduce the release CO2 by about 5%, NOx and CO by about 20%, and can dramatically reduce particulate matter (PM) by up to 90%.

Greater Sustainability * Certified Eco-Friendly * Improves Biofuels

TPx is completely bio-degradable, contains no petroleum-based ingredients or metals, and is safe to use.

TPx works seamlessly with biodiesel blends, and will improve biofuel combustion. Although burning biofuel helps reduce emissions, one downside to these blends are that they are hydrophilic…they attract water. TPx eliminates many problems associated with water in fuel by making water “invisible” to bacteria so there is no fouling from gums and varnishes. Clean-burning fuel lasts longer and won’t clog injectors or filters.

Our fully synthetic fuel additives are designed to reduce your carbon footprint.

Paying the Carbon Price?

An average car puts out about 5 tons a year and a power plant can release thousands of tons of carbon into our atmosphere.

Even if all world leaders can’t agree on the amount to charge for generating carbon emissions, the public is paying the carbon price. Add TPx to your fuel and do your part to help.

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