Advanced Chemical Engineering for Clean Energy

Industrial Applications

TPx All-In-One fuel additive

Enterprises that employ industrial equipment like power generators, boilers, and furnaces using diesel and heavy fuel oil are all under constant pressure to go green. It may not be economically feasible to simply remove functioning equipment for newer technology or switch to different power sources. TPx HD and NTek provide an economic and immediate solution to minimize disruptions to the production caused by clogged injectors, filters, or scrubbers.

TPx Reduces Emissions Up to 55%

TPx contains approximately 25% dissolved oxygen as well as a gentle detergent/stabilizer. TPx optimizes fuel by disolving gums and moisture in the fuel tank, then the oxygenated fuel will burn clean and efficiently. Our gentle detergents will clean engine internals restoring power.

Today more than ever, reducing our carbon footprint is critical. Exhaust analysis shows that carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and other partially oxidized compounds are formed by all cars, gas or diesel. TPx reduces those emissions by making sure the fuel burned correctly the first time!

Clean Fuel Burning Additive for Cruise and Cargo Ships

You will have a noticeable reduction of operating costs and since we are environmentally friendly, you will be reducing exhaust emissions, smoke, soot and smell. The last place you need a break down is in the middle of the ocean, where we are here to keep your engines and generators running clean and strong.

Help Clean Martime Fuel and the Air We Breathe