Diesel fuel additives


Total Power, Inc., is an engineering firm specialized on Synthetic Fuel Additives and Fuel Management tools for a wide scope of heavy industries. Click to view or download our brochure.

Our TPx Synthetic Fuel Additives are proven to reduce fuel consumption in any gasoline, diesel or heavy fuel oil burning equipment. Clients are excited to learn about reduced maintenance costs of the fuel system including storage tanks, lines, filters, injectors, and exhaust filters. Over a billion gallons of fuel have been treated worldwide!

Our FMx Automated Fuel Management System combines critical infrastructure PLC’s with hardened sensors and long range RFID for a robust, scalable, and modular accounting system for the #1 expense of any mining operation.

TPx Fuel Additives Inventory

diesel fule additives


diesel fule additives


diesel fule additives



TPx fuel additives work in every industry and with all engines, furnaces or boilers that use fossil fuel. They are essential to enhance performance and increase availability. Click on the links below to better understand TPx solutions for different industries.

FMX fuel information systems

TPx is being used successfully in Fortune 500 firms worldwide.

reduce diesel particulate matter

Total Power has decades of experience reducing mining operating costs.

military fuel efficiency

Military operations see improved readiness using TPx.

trucking fuel efficiency

Visible emission reduction, cold start mitigation and cleaner fuel injectors are just some of the benefits with our diesel treatment.

railroad Diesel efficiency

Our additives are used in locomotives to prevent carbon build-up, extend engine life and consume less fuel.

maritime fuel efficiency

Total Power has successfully treated some of the largest Marine Diesel Engines globally.

FMx Fuel Management Systems

Fuel consumption represents one of the largest operating costs in the mining industry. Yet, although it is a major expense, it is rarely monitored or controlled effectively. Now get control of your fuel expenses with FMx Fuel Management Systems.

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Fun Facts About Us

World Leaders in Synthetic Fuel Additives. Total Power provides energy efficiency and management tools to a wide scope of heavy industries. Our TPx Synthetic Fuel Additives have been enhancing fuel throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia since 1997.

  • 20

  • 90

    Percent of Hydrocarbons Reduced
  • 6

    Percent of Fuel Saved
  • 15

    Percent of NOx Reduction